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Succes Koffie offers companies and catering businesses all they need for the perfect coffee experience and provides premium-quality and -flavour blends as well as all possible associated services.

Everyone wants to be able to offer their guests or staff a nice, fresh cup of coffee, but we also don’t want to worry about anything going wrong. I.e. we want to count on a quick and smooth delivery, every time. This is why Succes Koffie guarantees correct and timely delivery of coffee and any associated products you order.

The fact that we supply a varied set of clients (including companies, catering businesses and private customers) means we can offer a wide range of different professional-grade coffee machines. Which you can buy or rent from Succes Koffie. Just tell us how much coffee you get through and we’ll seek out the right coffee machine for you!

Through the years, Succes Koffie has also acquired a good name in terms of technical support and can proudly say it provides maintenance services you can rely on. In short, with Succes Koffie, you can be sure of a quick maintenance and repair service that’s there for you 7 days a week.

Apart from the practical side to coffee making, we also want to help our clients be more successful with their coffee. This is why we lend advice to catering businesses round about their coffee menu and offer workshops in preparing and pouring the perfect cup of coffee, advanced barista skills and latte art. By the way, heard of Barista Oscaaar yet?

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to companies and catering businesses

Succes Koffie - Deliveries


All our range can be ordered from our webshop. We will always deliver correctly and follow any arrangements made. Should you have questions about our range, orders or deliveries, contact our customer service department. They’re always there for you!

We prefer making deliveries to clients in the catering sector ourselves, as their needs and orders tend to reflect their customers’ changing preferences. By making use of our own drivers to deliver, we keep in personal contact with our catering clients and the industry in general, so we can learn about their expectations and make sure we offer the best possible service.

Apart from all that, using our own delivery service means your catering business can buy cash-and-carry from us straight out of the van as well. Because maybe you forgot something small. Or there’s something else you’ve turned out to need since you ordered. Well, as one of our own drivers will deliver, you don’t need to order again, you can just ask him/her and buy everything you need there and then!

Most business orders involve all the same product and are placed at scheduled times. This is why we rely on Belgian postal company Bpost to deliver these orders within only three working days, though with certain exceptions.

For more information, please call us at (03) 888 10 50 or fill in our contact form.

With your coffee

Whoever says ‘coffee’, thinks ‘milk and sugar’, and why not, ‘biscuit or chocolate’. To meet this need, Succes Koffie offers a wide range of individually packaged associated products for every taste and preference.

Making and serving good coffee requires the right tools too. This is why Succes Koffie also supplies accessories such as coffee filters, cups, spoons, stirrers as well as professional barista tools.

Rest assured, though, your contact at Succes Koffie will make sure everything is delivered at the same time as the coffee itself!

For more information, please call us at (03) 888 10 50 or fill in our contact form.

Succes Koffie - With your coffee
Succes Koffie - Custom coffee machines

Custom coffee machines

A professional-grade coffee machine should be able to make a nice cup of coffee, that’s obvious, but we think it should also be durable, easy to use and efficient enough to get your ROI’s worth out of it, and more. We at Succes Koffie are aware of that. This is why we offer machines of reputable brands we personally appreciate.

Our range consists of a whole host of coffee machines for small and big businesses that have had the user in mind from the design phase. This means they are made with sturdy materials and their parts are designed to withstand the most intensive use, while they work in a simple and intuitive way, so coffee can be served easily and quickly, even at busy peak times.

Succes Koffie also sells and rents out professional-grade coffee machines, seeking out the perfect one for your business from our broad range, based on your consumption and clientele.

For more information, please call us at (03) 888 10 50 or fill in our contact form.

Technical support

As a business owner, you naturally want a reliable coffee machine that is low-maintenance, is durable and will provide you with a high ROI. When we consider coffee machines to include in our range, we at Succes Koffie look at precisely the same criteria! Still, our technical support service is always there, should anything happen anyway.

Our technicians know all our machines inside-out and are available 7 days a week to come to your rescue and deal with the problem ASAP! So no-one has to forego their much-needed brew for long.

For more information, please call us at +32 (0)3 888 10 50 or fill in our contact form.

Succes Koffie - Technical support

Barista Oscaaar’s barista bar on wheels

Barista Oscaaar LOVES coffee and no mistake. He brings his passion to your doorstep at parties and events, sharing it with your guests from his vintage three-wheeled Empolino van which rolled out of the factory in Milan back in 1970.

His barista bar on wheels will give your event a guaranteed creative touch, as all the attending coffee drinkers (most often the majority of your guests) will never forget your gettogether, thanks to Barista Oscaaar’s contaminating enthusiasm as he makes them the best Succes Koffies and shares his pleasure and encyclopaedic knowledge about everything ‘coffee’.

Fancy our mobile barista bar at your wedding? As a tasteful addition to your open day? Or even as a fun, memorable touch to your corporate event? Then book Barista Oscaaar!

Visit for more information.


If you’d like to buy your coffee online, you won't need to wait long!

All our products and coffee blends can soon be ordered online for delivery at home or to your business/place of work.

  • Quality coffee beans from Asia, Central and South America, roasted at our own roasting facility. Coffee for every taste and preference.
  • Coffee machines for big and small users.
  • And every associated product you can think of: milk, sugar, (individually packaged) biscuits and chocolates, accessories like coffee filters, cups, spoons, stirrers,… even professional barista tools!